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Sex is a mutual act and it does not only happen when a man wants it to. If he forces it, then the act becomes rape but if he really wants to make love and there is nothing from the woman’s end then there is no point in having sex. Some men face this issue and this is when the Electronic city call girls are able to help. Love has no language so we do not actually look into the age or the size or even the colour and only are interested in love.

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I’m Jasmine and I can proudly acclaim that I have been able to pacify and satisfy the libido and sexual hunger of many such deprived men. Sex is not a sin and wanting to have sex is actually being artistic. Therefore whenever a man is refused sex from their girl friend or wife, the call girls in Electronic city help to the greatest extent. I can be the one night wife or the partner for several nights and help the men release their stress.

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I have always believed that men are the ultimate creatures who live because they get to have lots of sex and I totally appreciate it. All I care about is that the call girls in Electronic Cityare actually living their life this way, so all the men who want to have sex with them are most welcome but only with valid protection. We do not believe in you pulling out in time so we would rather you wear a rubber and enjoy a stress free session.